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Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven (Official Video)(04:35)
In memory of Paige, taken from us too soon and we will all miss you
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Rise Gaming Association - The Company That Runs Star Gaming

Warden's Corner - The Start of 2014!

2014 is approaching and with it some new stuff.

I wonder what the "Rare Special Item" is for the Rise Stars... :)

Warden Stillwater

Rise Current News - The End of 2013

2014 has a lot more stuff coming. Hope you bring your friends and landowner friends to Star Fishing with us!

Time to bring back an old pastime that others have failed to accomplish...


Warden Stillwater

Welcome to the Rise Gaming Wiki!

Rise Star Gaming are two gridwide games that will be hosted in Second Life. Run publicly by the company Rise Star Gaming Association, this will be the newest gridwide gaming community sought out by people wanting to have a great time.

Visit the Rise Star Gaming Association Marketplace: Click Here

Rise Star Gaming has one goal: To provide a way for newcomers who are 14 days or older a way to make linden dollars. Linden dollars is the virtual currency that Second Life uses.

What does Rise Gaming mean?





Rise Star Gaming Product Pages

Need some help as a landowner or player? Contact our in-world staff for help! See the Rise Staff Page for more information!

Newcomer Players/Info Directory

Guides/Support Help

Rise Social Group Titles

Want to earn a unique title you can show off? Or want to know the titles we use?

  • ✯ Rise Player ✯ - Default title for all gamers - the Everyone Title
  • ✯ Rise Mod ✯ - Moderator title for Rise Staff in Rise Social Chat
  • ✯ Rise Senior ✯ - Senior Management title for Senior Management
  • ✯ Fish Expert ✯ - Reach Level 40 in Rise Star Fishing
  • ✯ Fish Master ✯ - Reach Level 80 in Rise Star Fishing
  • ✯ Hunt Expert ✯ - Reach Level 40 in Rise Star Hunting
  • ✯ Hunt Master ✯ - Reach Level 80 in Rise Star Hunting
  • ✯ Rise Owner ✯ - Unique owners title (to those who run/make this game)
  • ✯Star Veteran✯ - Tag for those who supported me in the Crusade era.
  • St✯r Event Queen - To female avatars who spin a lot of events.
  • ✯ Spin Queen ✯ - Obvious title to fans of the Star Destiny Wheel.
  • ✯ Rise Legend ✯ - See below.
  • ✯ Rise Master ✯ - Rise Star Gaming VIP exclusive tag
  • ✯ Rise Star ✯ - Get admitted to the Rise Star Gaming VIP group
  • ✯ Warden's Fan ✯ - Earn friendship with both Warden Stillwater and Celestial Warden, as well as gain admittance to the Rise Star Gaming VIP group.
  • ✯ Rise Lord ✯ - Alternate owners tag for Rise
  • ✯ Rise Chief ✯ - Alternate moderators tag for Rise
  • ✯ Gunk Knight ✯ - Male avatar exclusive tag for Rise Gunking.
  • ✯ Gunk Queen ✯ - Female avatar exclusive tag for Rise Gunking.
  • ✯ Gunk Master ✯ - Only given to those truely influenced in the art of Rise Gunking.

Rise Legend

To Earn the ✯ Rise Legend ✯ tag you can do one of many ways:

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