Induction Edit

  • So, let me guess, what's with us and our uses of gunking players?
  • Well, I made this page just to show you how often our players go in the Rise Gunk Tanks and how often they are in the tank...
  • Top 20 Gunk Victims (those covered in the tank) and Top 20 Gunk Chain Pullers (those who pull the chain) are featured here in Rise Star Gunking.
  • These amounts only applied to the past since Rise closed down. This doesn't include photos posted on Rise's Facebook.

Top Gunk Victims Edit

Rise Gunk Victims - Top 20
Player Name Total Gunks Last Gunked By:
Warden Stillwater 10 Sunny Kless-Darkness (sundra.tizzy)
Lina'ta Stillwater 2 Furball Yumigami
Clea Dragonblaze 2 KatrinaElizabeth Karu
Daglade Resident 1 Matthew Dragonblaze
KatrinaElizabeth Karu 1 Warden Stillwater
emerald25 Resident 1 KatrinaElizabeth Karu
Sunny Kless-Darkness (sundra.tizzy) 1 Belle Morte (morta.collazo)
Natasza (natasza76) 1 Warden Stillwater
9 0
10 0
11 0
12 0
13 0
14 0
15 0
16 0
17 0
18 0
19 0
20 0

Top Gunk Chain Pullers Edit

Rise Gunk Chain Pullers - Top 20
Player Name Chain Pulls Last Victim Gunked
Warden Stillwater 5 Natasza (natasza76)
KatrinaElizabeth Karu 2 Clea Dragonblaze
Nicole Trappen 1 Warden Stillwater
Furball Yumigami (xYumigamix) 1 Lina'ta Stillwater
Matthew Dragonblaze 1 Daglade Resident
ChampionHavoc Aristocrat 1 Warden Stillwater
suezanne Shuffle 1 Warden Stillwater
kristi Kenin 1 Warden Stillwater
Lina'ta Stillwater 1 Clea Dragonblaze
Belle Morte (morta.collazo) 1 Sunny Kless-Darkness (sundra.tizzy)
Sunny Kless-Darkness (sundra.tizzy) 1 Warden Stillwater

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