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Welcome to the homepage of Star Hunting from the RISE Gaming Wiki, the home of your information regarding the hunting component of the game.

  • Got a question? Please visit RISE Staff Page to find a staff member who can assist you in making your gaming experience as enhanced and amazing as possible.

Getting Started

ATM Example02

All you gotta do to get money :)

  • Welcome to Star Hunting. In Star Hunting, your goal is to find a number of hidden magic shields and jewels across the various lands. Each find you make credits you a certain amount of linden dollars, and also you receive a value of star points for all your finds.
  • Star points levels your account. Please click the two links below if you need assistance knowing the items we have to offer out there in this game.

Quick Links

Shield Information

Jewel Information

How To Get Earnings

ATM Example01

How to be paid for your finds :)

After collecting a number of items, you probably wonder, how do I get what I collected?

Use your HUD (seen below) and click the "ATM Location".

Then click the ATM (assuming you have L$1 in your account) and you get paid instantly!

L$1,000 maximum daily cap, no longer increases based on your level.

ATM Locations

Rise Star Gaming HQ

ASD Studios

Third Location goes here

HUD - Star Hunting

Yes, the Star Hunting game will have a HUD that will allow you to find places.

HUD Sign03

Star Hunting HUD


  • Ability to find random locations
  • Keep track of your current Star Hunting Level
  • Your total Star Points you can earned
  • Any Star Destiny Wheel spins you have won
  • Keep track of your weekly and lifetime hunting rankings
  • 4 scripts and very easy to use!

Pick a copy up at any HUD Kiosk. Marketplace will be available again soon.

Star Hunting - The Values

ExampleA Shields01

The 9 Shields

Players can find any of the 21 items out there.

They range from Red Shields (worth L$0.01) to Super Jewels (worth L$30.00)

As players level up, they will see a number of perks and bonuses that they recieved for their hard work, such as Loot Bags or free Star Destiny Wheel spins!

There are 100 levels in the game.

You also receive tags for reading Level 40 and Level 80, respectively.

ExampleA Jewels01

The 12 Jewels

Star Hunting Player Rewards

For Leveling Rewards (through Experience Table) visit this page.

For Weekly Contest rewards - visit this page.

Star Hunting - Experience Table

Please visit Star Hunting/Experience Table for the table.

Landowners - Star Hunting

  • Landowners can purchase a variety of packages which will help them increase their effective traffic and also they will receive a custom built page on this website with all information.
  • We also have an upgrades system - A landowner can purchase a free pack and upgrade their fee cost lower. (please visit Contact Us for more information).

What Each Pack Includes

  • Each pack includes 21 hunting items - The core of the game! - All 21 are Copy/No Mod/No Transfer
    • Bronze, Silver and Gold packs also include a Petite Package (21 Small Items) at no cost!
  • A Touch to get HUD Kiosk - Get new active players daily! - Copy/Mod/No Transfer
  • Landowner's Server Controller - (see below) - Copy/No Mod/No Transfer
  • Location Overrider - Allows you to change landing points. - Copy/No Mod/No Transfer


We now use a license system to allow owners to pay for what needs they want. The more they pay initially, the lower the fee rate.

License Packs

Name Fee Upgradeable? Price Image
Free Pack 65% Yes - Bronze/Silver/Gold FREE
Free Sign03
Bronze Pack 50% Yes - Silver/Gold L$3,749
Bronze Sign03
Silver Pack 25% Yes - Gold L$7,749
Silver Sign03
Gold Pack 10% No - This is best one! L$13,749
Gold Sign03

Upgrade System

To upgrade items, click any of your hunt objects and click the "Upgrade" button.

When upgrading items, you only pay once and all your future charges will have that upgraded fee pack.

Free Upgrades

  • Free to Bronze - L$3,749
  • Free to Silver - L$7,749
  • Free to Gold - L$13,749

Bronze Upgrades

  • Bronze to Silver - L$4,000
  • Bronze to Gold - L$10,000

Silver Upgrades

  • Silver to Gold - L$6,000

Star Destiny Wheel Rewards - Star Hunting

For full information visit Star Destiny Wheel page.

Honorable Mentions - Star Hunting

There are several different honorable mentions. Most of these honorable mentions award the player Destiny Wheel spins, but there are a few out there that award the player titles, and different special rewards.

  • Star Hunt Expert - Reaching Level 40 in Star Hunting Leveling chart.
  • Star Hunt Master - Reaching Level 80 in Star Hunting Leveling chart.
  • Rise Legend - Reaching Level 100 in Star Hunting & Star Fishing.
  • For a list of all players with honorable mentions, please visit Star Hunting/Honorable Mentions.

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