This was known as our most popular system mechanic before the shut down in December.

My Last Words

Dear Rise Stars,

When Rise was first introduced, people asked me for unique ideas that would get people to play along. Then I felt that a Star Destiny Wheel was a good option. By giving people who participate in chat events and fun, it also allowed players to have a fun time. The fact is, all I wanted was something better.

Before the shutdown, I gave away over 500 spins on the wheel.

I thought all I wanted was to give people fun.

Now, I miss those who loved Rise Star Gaming more then ever.

- Warden Stillwater

Former Rise Star Gaming Owner

Player Feedback

These messages were from 2013. This was the past


  • ℒιиα'тα ѕтιℓℓωαтεя (efanakasunfyre371): What is there to explain? You get awesome prizes and feel awesome about it. And the big beautiful wheel is awesome at giving out awesomeness. lol
  • Nicole Trappen: <--likes the loot bags ..why? because I like watching them explode :-)
  • crazyman Karu: "Life's like a Star Desiney Wheel spin, you never know what you're going to get."
  • Harmony (harms.lemon): the star wheel of destiny is like a secret Santa only the gift is always much better
  • Jгєıמ Šђчレє (ookamijcines): It's motivation to kep playing the game and socializing with the group
  • Šąšħą Ńėĸō (stewart9): Before you even spin on the wheel,you have already won
  • Velaria Frostwych: when we first saw the reward program the first thought that came to mind for me was, finally something that is able to be used and not just sit in a database roting away.
  • ℒoℓα şтαяѕђเиε (tyrajones): the big beautiful wheel has lots of good rewards, more so then any other game, and its stuff you can actually use...............oooooo i love to earn more star points from the big beautiful wheel or lindens or give an event for everyones enjoyment
  • [20:50] emerald25: I love the Big beautiful Wheel Spins since they give not to you but can reward others, the explosive delights of the lootbags and the beautiful spectrsal box that truly looks celestial and rewards you on a more rare and unique level than all the others.