X & M Breedables


X & M Breedables

Owners/Managers of the LandEdit

  • XanderCage Cale (Owner)


  • Breedable Snakes
  • Breedable Spiders
  • Breedable Butterflys
  • Midnight Mania Boards
  • Freeplay Games
  • Vault Hunt

RISE Game Items in LocationEdit

Star Hunting - Yes

Star Fishing - Not Available

Misc. InfoEdit

  • I have a number of Shields and Jewels out on land all the time however special events I field extra Jewel's as well. If I can do anything to help send me an IM. When it becomes available i will also be including Star Fishing.
  • I have basic rule's when here.
    No Flying: I have set my land to no fly but it is possible to fly by leaving my land anyone caught flying will face the following: Warning in IM. Ejection from land with reason in IM. Ban from Land with reason in IM.
    No Landmarking: anyone caught landing anywhere other than the Welcome Centre landing zone will receive an instant ban.
    No Cheating: Anyone caught cheating will face an instant ban. I also class Script Scanning as cheating.
    No Griefing: I find anyone Griefing they will be ban and reported to LL.
    And Finally Show Respect to All anyone being disrespectful will be ejected from land.
    I will display these rule's on land as soon as i have made a display for them.

    Have fun and happy collecting.
    XanderCage Cale